Parents & Kids

Yoga & Expressive Art

Sunday 24th May

3:00pm to 4:30pm

$20per family

About Jess


When I first started yoga in 2004 it was at home on my lounge room floor following an Aerobics Oz Style DVD.


The feeling I had after each practice was blissful. My body felt lighter and I was able to move more freely, I felt connected to myself like a weight had been lifted. It took me a few months to build up the courage to go to an actual yoga class as I thought that I was too out of shape or not flexible enough. Back then yoga was not available online to be able to try different styles from my living room.

After my first yoga class I realised that yoga is for everyone, I felt so much love for myself and joy in who I was, a feeling that lingered long afterwards. That was the beginning of my life long yoga journey.

I have devoted myself to continually learning, practising and sharing my knowledge of yoga to help others feel free and have love and joy of themselves. I have completed Hatha & Restorative yoga teacher training, meditation training and shamanic healing training which has given me a deep understanding of mind/body connection. 

About Iris


My name is Iris and I am a Qualified Art Therapist (Adv. Dip.Trans.A.Th.). I also have a science degree. 


I am a mother of two and passionate about helping and empowering kids and adults to explore/discover their own meaning -making, strength and Potential through creative art.  I am also keen to help people reduce their stress levels, anxieties and learn to be in the present moment. 


I facilitate art therapy workshops for adults, children and workplaces as well as one on one sessions. 


I believe each one of us has the tools and answers within ourselves. Using creative expression helps access these tools.


My approach is holistic and client centred, respecting the individual and their values. As an Art Therapist, I focus on people’s wellness, mindfulness and self-development. 


I love being an Art therapist as I can see how powerful art making and creativity is in helping people, heal, grow and feel calmer and more grounded.  Making a difference in peoples’ life makes me feel happy. 


Jess has an innate ability to present all facets of yogic practice to a group as well as providing individual attention.
She is articulate, gentle in her manner and is an all round " Good Egg"


During this time of social isolation our normal has changed and it can be hard to find things to do with our kids. This event is something that parents and kids can do together in their own home. 


We will start with yoga, Jess will  guide you through a series of interactive yoga postures that parents and kids can do together. 

After a short break Iris will take you through a short meditation and a colorful and relaxing creative art activity. 

The workshop is a unique opportunity for you to let go, relax, create connect with your child and enjoy. 


This event is recommended for ages 6 and above. 



Expressive Art therapy is a natural and powerful way of using creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, clay, music and more to encourage people to explore and express their thoughts and emotions which promotes inner wellbeing. 

It is a friendly and creative tool for children to safely explore their stories and express themselves in an easier way as art is a very natural form of communication for them. Art therapy finds expressions when words fail. 

Art Therapy helps to relieve stress and anxieties, improve self-esteem and communication, develop self-awareness and more.


With art therapy, you don’t need to know how to paint or draw to participate and benefit from it.


Everyone can benefit from it. In groups or individually.













This event is $20 per family. That is for each household that is logged in. This can be both or one parent and as many kids as wish to join in. 





You will need;

  • Space to do yoga, you can use mats or a blanket on the floor if you like.

  • Crayons are preferable but pencils and textas will do if that is all you have.

  • A3 or A4 paper. 





Is there a minimum age for this event?

This event is recommended for ages 6 and up


Who can I contact with questions?

You can contact Jess at or on 0431604609


What is the refund policy?

Refunds are available up to 10days before the event. 




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