How to Eat Mindfully

Mindful eating empowers people to use wisdom and exercise judgement while eating. When you pause to think about why you’re eating, it immediately changes the eating experience from being a mindless one to one where you explore your emotions and question your habits.

Instead of eating mindlessly, mindful eating requires you to focus on the act of eating and turns it into an internal experience. You will now be working on your relationship with food.

Why are you eating? Are you really hungry or just using food as a form of therapy?

Mindful eating, puts the control back in your hands. It doesn’t discriminate against any foods. You can eat what you love without worry. The focus here is on how you feel while eating and paying attention to what you eat.

You’re asked to chew your food slowly and taste every bite. Listen to the sounds the food makes when you eat. Appreciate the appearance and texture of the food. Focus on the moment instead of just mindlessly gobbling up what’s on your plate as you watch TV.

When you engage all your senses, you’ll realise how the food you eat affects you. You’ll understand that you eventually wear in public what you eat in private. Either the food nourishes you or it hurts you.

Once you realise this, you’ll make better food choices and trust your inner instincts. You’ll understand that eating can be for pleasure and it can also cause pain.

Mindful eating takes a holistic approach and transforms eating from being a reflex action to one where it becomes an experience of self-discovery. You will truly benefit from mindful eating.

There are many simple ways to start eating mindfully;

  • Eat slowly, take your time, don't rush

  • Chew at least 30-40 times per mouthful

  • Eliminate distractions, NO TV, No Devices

  • No overeating, stop eating when you are full

  • Ask yourself why you are eating, is it out of habit, emotion or are you truely hungry

  • Observe how eating makes you feel

  • Eat in silence

  • Notice the sounds the food makes as you eat

  • Appreciate the texture and taste of the food

  • Think about the journey everything on your plate took to get there, from where and how it grew, to the person who prepared it

Pick one mindful eating practice from the list above to use during your next meal.

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