10 Ways To Turn Social Isolation Into Self-Improvement

With all the uncertainty surrounding coronavirus feeling productive and accomplished can be a great challenge. Being in social isolation is daunting but can also be a wonderful opportunity to improve ourselves in ways that simply wouldn’t be possible in our pre-pandemic lives.

Yes – there can be a silver lining in all of this.

Let's take this opportunity to do things we have always said we would do, creating new habits and hobbies so that at the end of all this we arise as new versions of ourselves.

Here are 10 ways to turn social isolation into self-improvement.

1. Create New Habits

Our beautiful, neuroplastic brains are ever-changing instruments – capable of being shaped as we please. Why not use this time to make meditation a habit, practise changing thought patterns and turning negative thoughts positive. Check out apps like Elementa and Attention Shifting. They are wonderful tools to help you create new habits. Remember neurons that fire together, wire together.

2. Learn New Skills

Imagine surfacing from social isolation with a whole new set of skills to make the changes you have always desired. Maybe you wish to start a business or train to change careers, You may just wish to have a new skill for your home life. The NSW government are offering free courses during Covid you can see these here There are also websites such as Skillshare or Lynda that offer a free trial to get you started.

3. Experiment with New Recipes

Even if you’re a beginner in the kitchen, being in social isolation means you finally have the time to master the art of cooking. It’s a craft that will not only serve as a creative outlet but will also provide sustenance for everyone in your home. As a bonus cooking is also a form of aromatherapy for your home.

4. Make an Epic Playlist

Once upon a time we had cd's or tapes with all our favourite songs on them now we use apps like Apple Music or Spotify. Often there are songs we have forgotten even existed, great songs we used to listen to all they time. Spend some time remembering those songs and creating an epic playlist with the new technology of today. Then share with those you love who could also use some melodic medicine.

5. Master Your To-Do List

We all have those to-do list items that keep getting put off and moving further down the list, Something more important comes along and we move those tasks to later and later. Use this time to finally go through all your photos, fix that broken chair, clean out that cupboard, or weed the side garden. Feel accomplished by getting those little things out of the way and mastering your to-do list.

6. Hang Out with Friends and Family Online

Social Media is becoming less about friends and family as additional features are added such as job searching and buying and selling. Some say it divides us rather than connects us. But it can be all in the way we use it. Texts and messages can be misinterpreted and misunderstood whereas video chat allows us to see our loved ones facial expressions and hear their voices. They are a more heartfelt way to keep in touch. Try mixing it up and using video chat more often no matter what your wearing or what your house looks like your friends and family love you anyway!

7. Marie Kondo Your Home

Get motivated, get minimal, get busy! We all think about how we would rearrange our homes if only we had the time. Well, now you’ve got oodles of it. Let tidying expert Marie Kondo take you on a the journey of releasing clutter and unveiling your best and most sacred dwelling space.

8. Watch a Free Live Music Show Online

Music is a compelling force, capable of dispelling all our fears and worries. Every musical note is a chance to lose ourselves in the moment and forget about the current situation. Pour yourself a glass of your wine or a cup of tea and enjoy a free show on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, and remember: these are the little things that make life so beautiful.

9. Train Your Pet

It’s one of the things we wish we could do with our own pets but never have the time or patience for, right? Get some quality snacks for your furbaby and teach them a new trick. Remember, training pets is all about repetition and reward.

10. Armchair Travel to Famous Museums and Galleries Globally

Over the last several years, technological advancements of the web have made it possible to virtually experience the world right from our living-room armchair. Here are 12 world-class museums you can visit online, including the iconic Louvre of Paris and the Guggenheim Museum of New York.

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